Wednesday, May 28, 2008


The children and I have been discussing and observing all the little critters that call our garden home. We classify and divide the "good bugs" from the "bad bugs". Earthworms and lady bugs should be handled gently because they are our friends and helpers. Big hairy spiders are safely escorted from the living room wall out to the backyard and instructed to eat the Nasties snacking on our tomato plants. We have (at least!) two garter snakes patrolling the perimeters and keeping the compost pile rodent free.

In stark contrast are the cutworms who are decidedly NOT my friends. Although I'm a little squeamish about bug guts, I have no qualms with viciously popping them between thumb and forefinger upon discovery. Did I mention I do not like the cutworms?

Apparently we're providing comfortable accommodations for our lady bug friends as they are busily going about the business of beetle love here on my very best pepper plant.

We hope you have enjoyed your stay. Come back any time.


It seems as if Spring has decided to finally arrive and stay awhile. Our first strawberries are ripening!

I ate the strawberry she's pointing to today and it was delish! My Mother-In-Law and I have a longstanding joke about a personality trait we share. We both enjoy collecting the accouterments of whatever interest we're pursuing as much as the actual practice of said hobby. For example, she and I both own approximately nine million dollars (each) of scrap booking, stamping, and card making supplies. In total, we've produced maybe 4 cards. If you do the math, that means that each card is worth several thousand dollars.

To draw parallel to my garden, today I ate a $100.00 strawberry. And yes, it was THAT good.

I promised Samantha she could have the next one as she is my most steadfast garden helper. Much more benevolent then her mother, she offered instead that we might all six share it.


Our garden seems to be particularly 'volunteer-mystery-squash' friendly. Which is ironic since the ten or so squash seeds I purposefully sowed have had only about a 50% success ratio thus far. It's amusing to see a shriveling powdery leaved seedling surrounded by 5 random fat and thriving volunteers. The Green Thumb Score to date - Mother Nature : 1, Stephanie : 0.

Unruly squash grow so well in our yard that we even have lawn squash.

Not sure how this guy ducked the mower, but good for him!


After a later then usual dinner tonight the boys snuck out the back door at the mere whisper of the words "school night". Even as the minutes past bedtime ticked by, neither Shawn nor I could bear to call them in. Strange how the bickering stops and the brotherly love blossoms as soon they are supposed to be getting ready for bed!

We have a canal that runs behind our property. Up until recently it's been dry, but now it's running full and what is more fascinating and full of possibility to little boys then mud and water?

They climb on the palette to check out the canal.

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