Monday, June 16, 2008

Congratulations! It's a...

Tomato! I'm ridiculously happy about this little guy. He's growing on our Sweet Cherry 100 plant. I also picked my first tomato worm today. Not quite as ridiculously happy about that, but I did enjoy dropping him into a vat of soapy water. Mwah ha ha!

It's hard for me to see the change in the plants since I'm in the garden several (thousand) times a day. So here, for my own future reference, is the current height of the tomato plants relative to their cages.

This is an acorn squash that we grew from seed in the house and then transplanted very early. None of the squash or melons enjoyed the rain and cold, but after four days of sun and heat, most are taking off like determined green rockets! The leaves on this plant are each as big as my hand.

I'm not sure if the cold will affect the eventual production of the eggplants. They hardly grew at all the first two weeks but with the heat wave they've perked up and are growing rapidly.

The muskmelons REALLY didn't like the cold. I thought they might not make it. They are putting out new leaves now but they are still small. Their color has much improved.

I love the Howden. I tell it every day how much I love it and it is getting HUGE! It really looked like a goner a few weeks ago and it's made an astonishing comeback.

This pepper is about 3.5 inches long now and starting to fill out. I can't wait to eat it! Their are two or three other little peppers starting to form.

The strawberry patch with some of the squash hills in the background. I couldn't help myself and direct seeded another two pumpkin hills and one more watermelon a few days ago. I can't wait to see our garden transformed into the ultimate squash jungle in a few months.

We've harvested a handful of berries so far. I had to put up bird netting to keep the birds (and maybe the neighbor cat?) out of the berry patch. The "Ever Bearing" plants that I put in the ground in early May seem to have exhausted their first fruiting. I put in a second batch of about 12 more plants the last week of May and they are now fruiting. I also planted four or five "Quinalt" plants. I think they only bear once in late summer. Hopefully we'll have at least a few handfuls each week throughout the summer. M
Maybe next year we'll get enough to make some strawberry jam.

Another great comparison shot. I can't believe the change in the sunflowers in 10 days! I planted another 8 plants against the chain link fence a few days ago and they have already sprouted and are working on their first true leaves. Note the naughty stray squash in the middle of the wildflower seed. I think it's zucchini.

The Crimson Sweet watermelon transplant looks like it might be on the way to the compost pile. The Sugar Baby still looks like it's still trying, but not thriving. In a last ditch attempt to grow watermelon, I direct seeded a few. The seedlings are doing well so far, so there is hope yet! I only had Crimson Sweet seed so I hope the Sugar Baby hangs in there so we can compare the two melon varieties.

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Cathy said...

Cool, your first tomato. I can't wait for mine to start producing.

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