Thursday, June 26, 2008

Heat Wave

After a long extended winter of cold wet snow and rain, we skipped Spring and went straight to mid summer. Most of the plants seems to love the heat and sun. The children certainly do! Both kids and garden have required lots of water in the last ten days.

I took pictures a few days ago and I can already see lots of new growth in the plants.

The sunflowers have reached the second cross support on the fence. We're getting a few tiny blooms from the wildflowers.

We have about five Early Girl tomatoes. I'm not even bothering with the growth-to-cage comparison picture because in just 3 days the plants have each grown several inches beyond the picture. The three plants in full sun all have tomatoes. The two in partial shade have blooms, but no fruit.

The muskmelon plants are thriving in the heat! Both have put on lots of growth although the leaves are still small. They're both flowering too.

The watermelon plants have also taken off. My single remaining sugar baby start fully recovered and looks fabulous.

The eggplants are also basking in the sun. All have what look to be flower buds. I assume this is where the eggplants may grow?

Zucchini! We have three that are almost ready to harvest. I can't wait! I love the big yellow flowers. I bought this book in hopes of a bumper crop.

The Howden is planning a hostile take over. And it looks as though Howden Jr. (to the left) is in on the plan. We've already got three little pumpkin lumps in the works.

The bean patch is looking pretty good. Most of the beheaded plants have grown new leaves.

Lest I only speak of my successes, it is with regret that I report that my poor lowly Basil plant is looking quite droopy and depressed. And none of the Basil seeds I sowed separately germinated. I had a few little sprigs that I'd started indoors, but something (Italian insect?) ate them.

Despite my attempts to net the strawberries, something is STILL getting to them before I can. There is a small gap in some spots between the netting and the ground so I think that may be the point of entry. Do mice eat strawberries?

My carrot patch is also looking quite sad. The foliage is being eaten away by who-knows-what leaving something that resembles sparse carrot grass (?) in the wake of it's feast. The second raised bed carrot patch suffered serious erosion (I suspect at the paw of the neighbor cat) and only a few of the sprouts survived. I can't justify the water to keep the remaining 5 or 6 seedlings damp in the 100 degree afternoons.


Patrick, Samantha, and I met my friends Maria and Julie downtown on Monday for some rest and relaxation at the park followed by a quick visit to a favorite fabric store. While the moms browsed, the babies danced. Please do enjoy:



Kim said...

darling babies!

a gardening tip:

for your melons, fill an empty water or pop bottle with water and stick it top-down into the ground right next to the plant. they love lots of water and this will keep them hydrated without constant watering that will evaporate anyway.

they all look lovely!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog! I want to reach right in and hug those grandkids! Looking forward to seeing this garden in August.
Grandma Marsha

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Ok, your garden is lovely, but those kiddles dancing just made smile really big today. So cute!!

RoadSchooler said...

Eeeek they are too cute! And I am very impressed with your lovely garden :)

Mother to a pack of Wild Monkeys said...

That little video is WAY too cute! Love the garden too!

Anonymous said...

I think that Patrick should go on "So you think you can Dance"!!!
I don't watch the show personally, but I'm sure he would win. Then we would have a celebrity in the family.

-Aunt Sarah and P-Nut