Friday, June 6, 2008

June Seedlings

The tomato plants are multiplying. Not of course of their own accord. I keep buying more.The bargain hunter in me can't pass up a $3 start knowing that canning just one jar of tomato sauce "pays" for the plant. We've got five plants now. They are all beginning to flower!

The sunflowers are growing visibly every day. The seed packets suggest thinning the plants to 18 - 24 inches apart but I can't bear to pull any of them.

The wild flower seed has taken off as well. I've plucked about 400 squash volunteers to date and found even more growing on top of the compost pile. I guess that's a subtle hint that it's time to turn the pile.

We planted two watermelon starts. The Sugar Baby looks better then the Sweet Crimson which is struggling in the abnormally wet and rainy weather. We've also got four watermelon seedlings working on their first true leaves.

Our first bell pepper! There are two more spent-flowers-turning-to-peppers emerging from this plant as well. The other pepper plants are a few weeks younger and are just starting to grow future flower buds.

The bean plants have sprouted. The birds pulled many of the seeds out of the ground. Next year we might try row covers to protect the seedlings.

The formerly pathetic Howden pumpkin is now thriving!

Our first vine is forming. It's really beautiful and amazing.

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Meghan said...

I know nothing about gardening. I'm always amazed at how you pick a new project/hobby/job, learn what there is to know, and charge full speed ahead. It's pretty fun to call you my very talented BFF!