Tuesday, August 5, 2008

August? Already?

Today was Patrick's first day of Kindergarten. *sniff*

Our neighbor Rhett is in the first grade. He held Patrick's hand as they crossed the parking lot and Patrick declared, "Going to school with my BEST friend!".

He was a little apprehensive at first. This was his attempt to smile for the camera.

A little playground therapy to soothe the nerves.

Samantha is a little concerned for her big brother too. Will he be okay? There are a lot of kids here!

Feeling a little more confident.

The first day was a complete success. He came home gooey faced with a half eaten cupcake and a colored paper that declared, "My first day of Kindergarten was a piece of cake!"


Meghan said...

Oh, how sweet! I'm glad the day was a success. All the rest will be easy peasy now!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Patrick. Hope you're enjoying kindergarten. Guess who visited us? The gingerbread man!
Grandpa and Grandma will see you on Friday.
Love, Grandma Marsha

Meghan said...

So how did the first week go? What does Samantha think about being home all alone with Mom for a few hours each day?

Cindy said...

He looks so much like Shawn! (Hi Steph, I am Shawn's aunt in Albuquerque.) Glad to have found your blog!