Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Duck Creek

As usual, August passed in a blur and I'm just starting to catch my breath in late September. We took a little 4 day vacation to Duck Creek Village in Southern Utah. I've miniaturized these pictures, but if you click on them you can see a bigger version.

This is the cabin we rented. It was just perfect! A big enough step above camping to be more enjoyment then work but still rustic and woodsy.

All the kids played for hours outside of the cabin. Kids + trees, dirt, rocks = big fun.

Samantha shows off her camp hair.

Our very first fishing trip! I haven't fished in fifteen years. We found the perfect spot and after mixing with the perfect lures, we ALL caught fish!

Ok, so they weren't exactly gigantic fish..

but six little Rainbows made a nice dinner!

We had a lovely time.


Meghan said...

Yay! Looks so pretty and nice. Derek's legs look super long in the picture sitting on the step with William. Glad you all had so much fun!

Mara said...

Looks like a lovely vacation!