Saturday, November 1, 2008


Alternate post title: OMG it's NOVEMBER?!?!!?!?

We had a fabulous first Halloween in our new house. As expected, this neighborhood was chock full of trick-or-treaters. We dolled out about seven bags of candy before the night was through. I think the children brought at least that much back in their treat bags.

Samantha went disguised as SUPER GIRL! This is mostly a mommy-made costume. Hard to tell, I know. ;)

Patrick dressed up as a ninja. He really wanted to be a Star Wars guy (for about the fourth year in a row) but he didn't want to wear a costume we already had and mean old mom refused to buy a duplicate just for the sake of the costume being "new". Luckily he was dazzled by the FOUR plastic swords that came with the ninja costume and he was sold.

Awww.. isn't William just the cutest kid in his Grim Reaper costume? You just want to curl up on the couch with him and snuggle.

Derek decided he wanted to try the Hobo lifestyle this year. He's not being sullen in the photo.. that's his "Hobo Face".

Cousin Ethan came to to see the kids in their costumes. I think we should submit this photo as a PSA for staying in school.

Ethan and Aunt Sarah watch the kids work on their jack-o-lanterns.

Even Super Girl needs a great Daddy.

We grew these pumpkins in our garden this year! Derek carved his own this year (top), William (bottom) and Patrick (middle) did most of their own pumpkin de-gutting and then drew the faces for mom and dad to cut out. Samantha's pumpkin was tiny and sat in the window.