Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy birthday to ME!

When you
pick out
[and order]
your own
birthday presents.....

You get exactly what you were hoping for!

~ Cool New Sewing Book ~

Chic & Simple Sewing by Christine Haynes

Cute, no?
Thanks husband!

~Swoonworthy Vintage Teapot~

Thanks Mom!
Thanks eBay!
[sorry unsuspecting opposing bidder who did not use technology and about fifty cents to buy an unfair bidding advantage]
Thanks heirloom tomato plants!


In addition to getting exactly what you were hoping for,

You get all your gifts





Monday, July 27, 2009

Da Brudders

Ok boys, The List declares that we must photographically document the beginning of the new school year.

Hm. It appears that mom forgot to go new school clothes shopping.

William, you closed your eyes.

Don't look at me like that.

The List made me do it.

Real smiles please.

We'll call this composition:

" ill fitting socks and skate board injuries "

And, um. Those are NOT real smiles.

Ok, that's slightly better.

Are you humoring me?
This is fun, right?

C'mon, look EXCITED and HAPPY! I want to see teeth.

Yes, I know that it's already 8:15.


Good enough.

Let the school year commence.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Yes, we are super talented

Don't tell my husband, but there might be something to this list thing.

5. The Buttercup Bag is finished (pictures forthcoming).

6. The banana bread is baked.

8. My business blog has been given a face lift.

9. The peas are pulled.

10. The dog got rawked. (run/walked)

Five down, five to go. And I've got nine whole days left!

Now, in case you don't have the cold hard cash to go to the circus this year, my husband and daughter present:

~* Totally * Free * Circus* ~

{bring your own popcorn}

~*TA DA!*~

Friday, July 24, 2009

Kayos is Kooler

My husband makes lists. When I complain about my severe lack of organization and the chaos that reigns supreme in my life, he suggests I make a list. But I'm not a list maker. Lists force me to actively recognize and acknowledge stuff I'm not doing that I really need to do. Lists ask me to stare procrastination straight in the eye.

But procrastination is bigger then me.

My friend Holly asked our group of virtual co-crafters if we'd like to participate in a challenge to complete 101 things in 1001 days. I can't even begin to imagine my life one thousand and one days from today. Is that... 2013? I'm having a hard time pulling next Sunday into clear focus.

But the idea is intriguing and would serve to remind me that I do occasionally finish tasks. So I am undertaking my own bite sized list challenge. 10 nonthreatening and unlikely-to-be-procrastinated list items to be completed in 10 days.

Look honey, I'm making a LIST!

10 things - 10 days

1. Dye a new batch of bamboo velour.
2. Paint Samantha's toenails.
3. Cut Patrick's hair.
4. Take First Day of School pictures.
5. Finish my Buttercup Bag
6. Make banana bread with my $0.75 banana score.
7. Pay someone a compliment.
8. Rehab my business blog.
9. Pull up the peas.
10. Walkrun the dog at least once.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Paradigm Shift