Wednesday, August 26, 2009


My children bring home, stuffed into their backpacks, (approximately) 5,567,234,435,256 completed worksheets, spelling tests, current event essays, crossword and coloring pages, graded book reports, notes from the teacher, art projects, school bulletins, PTA messages, fundraiser solicitations, lunch money reminders, and math pages per week.

Entire rain forests have been annihilated, turned to pulp, and reconfigured as lined paper for my children's combined first years in public school.

Much paper comes home.
It's overwhelming.

But, like all decent mothers, I rifle through it all and try to separate the wheat from the considerable chaff.

This week, Patrick brought home some serious wheat.

May I proudly present to you.. on canvas of first grade paper.. and done in the medium of Crayola


(insert shameless pride)


RissaRoo said...

Way to go, Patrick! Those are some *awesome* cupcakes.

Semi-Organized Mom said...

Ohh....those look rather yummy! Can I have the middle one please?