Monday, November 16, 2009

I quilted!

(I think)

Disclaimer: I know nothing about actual quilting. I base my claim that this qualifies as a quilt because:

a) it has a "top" which is pieced,
b) it has quilt batting in the middle,
c) it has a back which is just one piece,
d) I quilted (?) the three layers together,
e) I bound the edge with handmade bias tape.

So.. is this a quilt?



Maybe So?

It was part of a gift commissioned by a lady from our church. I also sewed a coverall with matching hat and snow booties.

I hope she likes it!


Meghan said...

Looks like a quilt to me! Of course, I know even less about quilting than you do so...

Ryan proudly wore his coverall to Grandma's this morning! He looked so cute all bundled up. I took a picture so I'll send it to you when I get it downloaded.

Ashley said...

It looks like a quilt to me!

Ok....I am SO unorganized right now. I can't find your address you sent me to ship you this t-shirt. I am trying to send it off today. Can you send it again? SOOO sorry!

Kristen said...

Two things: 1 - definitely a quilt! 2 - Those coveralls are to die for. What pattern did you use? Did you use a snap press or do you just have a superhuman grip?