Sunday, May 2, 2010

The 99 Cent Dress

Before: Circa late 1990's (?) Eddie Bauer prairie skirt, found at the thrift store for $0.99.

But it was bound for glory.


Cute little girly dress!

It was windy and freezing and my model was very gracious to cooperate.

(The knit shrug was her practical yet extraordinarily fashionable addition to the ensemble)


Maura said...

Super cute!! And you can't buy fabric for that price, great find. Again, you amaze me!

Meghan said...

so super cute!

(the skirt AND the model!)

Crystal said...

This is darling! I gotta go to Goodwill and womens skirts now.

Suzanne said...

Very cute! I just came across your blog and am amazed at all your sewing! Great job at all your tops for Spring top week - I'm impressed.
And...I love your carrot tops - our fourth is one of those :)

Marina said...

Beautiful and clever too!