Friday, May 21, 2010

Day Four

So far, so good.

Well, I did have one slip up yesterday, but it was an accident. I ordered a $1 hamburger and small drink. It wasn't until I stood in front of the soda vend that I realized there would be no sugar-free or sugar substitute-free drinks available (other then water, of course, but I'd already paid).

I chose Diet Coke and drank about half. OH well.

The only time I've really missed sugar was after working in the garden two afternoons ago. I really really really REALLY wanted to drink one of my zero calorie flavored soda waters. I drank plain ice water with a lemon squeeze instead. It was ok.


And now for an overdue sew-and-tell made from early April.

Meet my Betty Draper spring jacket! Made with fabric from Joann and sewn from Butterick 5332.

I used the the wrong side of the fabric because I liked it better.

I'm liberated like that.

hmm. Those linen pants need some ironing.

The pattern was easy to sew and I 'm happy with the finished product. I particularly like the covered buttons.

As soon as I reviewed these pictures, the white pants in the second shot went straight to the donate box.

Want an honest review of how your clothing looks on your body?

Take some photos.

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