Thursday, May 27, 2010

Plaid Frock

So Internets, when did we decide dresses are now called "frocks"?

I mean, don't get me wrong.. it's cute!

I like it!

Kinda retro-ey vintage-esque.

But I'm just sayin'. Let's not throw around the word "frock" like we've been using it for years.

Let's be real, yo.

Anyway, I was already sick of seeing Darth, and I was tired of pouting about sugar fail, so I finished this dress frock that has been hanging with pinned on pockets and unhemmed in my sewing room for the last few weeks.

This is from Simplicity 2694 which is a Project Runway edition pattern. The plaid is a homespun from Joann.

I once again employed my professional four foot photo crew to capture the moment.

At first, my photographer was playing the role of moody artist and refused to come outside.

So I set the camera on a tree limb and used the timer. Right before this shot clicked, I pulled the classic "thumbs in ears, wagging fingers, nyah nyah nyah, sticking tongue out" move at said moody artist who was watching from the kitchen window.

Then I quickly turned back toward the camera.

If you look carefully, you can see him returning my gestures from the window.


But I guess the game turned his mood, and out he came to help with the rest of the pictures.

He did a great job!

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