Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Waste not

The thing I hate about making muslins is the waste factor. I hate wasting fabric, wasting precious sewing time, wasting brain cells. And really, of the three, the only thing I truly have in excess is the fabric.

So the "muslin" that I constructed for the journalism dress knockoff was made from $1/yd Walmart jersey. The finished dress didn't look like much, no pockets or tab details, still carried various chalk markings.... but it fit! I couldn't bear the thought of tossing it. I decided to rub off the chalk, jazz it up a bit with some ruffling (apparently the theme for 2010 in women's fashion), pair it with a belt and $2 thrift store cardigan, and strut that girl around town.

I asked Samantha to take a few pictures for me yesterday. Much to my dismay, I discovered as I looked through the photos this morning, that everyone who is approximately three feet tall sees me with no less that four chins at all times. sad. Because I am terribly vain, I promptly deleted the evidence. So this isn't a great shot, but it's what you get until I lose that last 112 pounds from my face.

Don't you love the overturned chair, baseball, weeds, and hopscotch markings? We're nothing but Better Homes and Gardens around here.

Here's a little closer shot of the ruffles. Check out that blue sky! It's gone now.

When I asked Samantha if she'd take the pictures, she agreed only if I'd take a picture of her too.

Twist my arm.

So here is Samantha showing off her BFF the potato bug.

1 comment:

Maria said...

I'm sorry I don't know what a muslin is?

Really though, I love that dress, stunning! I want one. Make a pattern, please. Or better yet make me one.