Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"The Bees Knees" - A Pinafore Set

After a few months of sewing for myself, I'm starting to feel my kid sewing mojo trickle back. My mind is all a-swirl with ideas involving classic summer staples (tees, shorts, a-lines) and embroidery.

A notable distraction, however, is this pile of lovely.

I've been dreaming of adding something in a summery yellow to my wardrobe. I fell in love with this fabric a few weeks ago and found the pattern shortly thereafter. The ribbon detail on the dress - swoon swoon. It reminds me of Grosgrain Kathleen's "Stolen From Your Sister's Closet" dress highlighted in my last post.

I've promised myself that after I finish up a few custom pad orders and some hemming work for a neighbor, that my reward will be a new lemon-lime summer dress with chocolate brown trim. Yum.

But back to kid sewing mojo.

For the three darlings that follow this blog that don't know me (i.e., are not my mother and BFF. Hi Mom! Mi BFF!), I sew for an online boutique, Necessitae. I often wonder how I wiggled my way in with this amazingly talented group of women! We stock the store twice a month and my contribution this week includes a vintage style child's pinafore set.

This is the same JoAnn fabric I used for my fave Oliver + S Jump Rope Dress. I happened upon the coordinate fabric recently and love how well they pair.

I love the covered buttons and pin tuck detailing.

I'm a sucker for baby hats. So sweet!

Since I have no babies in my life to give this outfit to should it not sell at a set price, I'm auctioning it with a starting bid of $1. I'd rather at least cover my fabric costs then have it sit unloved and unworn in my sewing room closet. Hopefully it will sell for at least a dollar. :)


Heather said...

Hi, it's one of the three people who follow your blog! *waves*

I love the pinafore set. Too cute! Makes me wish I had a little girl baby type person who could wear it, too. Alas, my girl is 11 and then I'm surrounded by a sea of boys thereafter. Even my friends have boys... it's kind of statistically strange, now that I think of it.

Anyway, the details that you've included are squee-worthy. Pin tucks! The buttons! The rosebud on the hat! The zigzag stitching on the leaf (I wouldn't have thought to do that...)! You know how you've mentioned that Grosgrain is such an inspiration to you? Well, you are mine! I'm too much of a frenzied sewer to make my pieces look half as tailored as yours. Brava!

Meghan said...

I would conceive a baby girl just to put that on her! Seriously.