Monday, June 7, 2010

The Coffee Date Dress

I have a girl crush on Kathleen of Grosgrain. She sews things for herself and for her children that make me all swooney and weak in the knees. Then she gives them away.

But I never win.

I'm only slightly bitter.


I view her blog and my voice goes crazy high pitched and I screech, "CUTE!" "CUTE!" "CUTE!" like some insane bird.

Exhibit A:

Oh, and everything she makes looks fabulous on her. She even looks ridiculously glamorous pregnant, which is just unfair.

Exhibit B:

SEE?? Pregnant. Glamorous. So wrong.

One more. Exhibit C

You totally just screeched, "Cute! Cute! Cute!". I heard you.

I love you Kathleen.

And I sort of hate you.

But mostly I love you.

Anywho, she is also kind enough to post tutorials and sew-alongs so that Kathleen wannabes (that would be moi) can attempt to follow in her footsteps.

I participated in her first Frock By Friday sew-along (although I participated about 3 weeks after everyone else).

The pattern is from and is called The Coffee Date Dress. It is free pattern that was created and uploaded by Elaine May who is another fabulously talented swoon-worthy seamstress and equally impressive writer. And gorgeous. I love hate her too.

I learned so much from sewing this pattern. I lined my first bodice and semi-successfully inserted my first hidden zipper. I also got to try out my handy dandy new tripod for the pics!

I'm wearing my Mother's Day Steve Maddens. Holy cow those are some HIGH heels. I love them.

So that's my Coffee Date Dress.

Now I just need a date.



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Heather said...

Found your blog through the dress, and the shoes are *awesome* with it! Rock those heels, girl. You got the legs for it! OK, now I am going to spend the rest of the weekend reading your archives and Kathleen's...ha!