Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Simplicity 2373. Or, the "Making Lemonade" dress

Am I the first person in the whole wide world to sew up Simplicity 2373 and reveal my results online? There were no reviews on Pattern Review, no Flickr hits, no blog posts categorized by Google.

With no evidence to the contrary, allow me to declare myself the first!

The result?

I like it.

Maybe not LOVE it.

But it'll do.

Cute. Wearable. Good learning experience as always.

I wish the shoulder straps were a little more.. something. Slightly wider maybe? Set in a little closer?

Serendipitously, the straps do happen to fall exactly over my bra straps, which was a happy accident.

The bodice is too high under the armpits, but that is likely my fault. I cannot abide straps that fall off my shoulders, so I tend to overcompensate by making them too short. In other words, it's not necessarily a pattern design flaw, but rather user error due to my inexperience in executing fit adjustment.

Or maybe it's just my sloped shoulders.

Or my bad posture.

Probably bad posture.

Anyway, the other issue I had stemmed from the gathering at the empire waist. Because my fabric didn't have much drape, it ended up looking *quite* maternal. About six-months-along maternal, to be exact.

Not good when you're 45 months postpartum.

I pulled out the gathering and put in pleats instead, which I sewed down several inches. That solved the problem, at least satisfactorily enough.

One fun technique I did try for the first time was using plain cotton muslin in place of the interfacing called for in the bodice. This was suggested by Gertie on her fabulous blog, Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing. In her June post of summer sewing tips, she suggests we can build more comfortable summer wear by sewing in natural fibers for interfacing rather then using iron-on synthetic interfacing. The natural fibers dissipate body heat instead of trapping it against the skin as synthetics do. Why didn't I think of that? And it was just as easy to quickly baste the muslin on as it would have been to iron on interfacing. Definitely a tip that I will use again. Thanks Gertie!


stitchywitch said...

Very cute! I have that pattern, so I'm glad to see the review. I really like the lemon fabric!

Megan said...


I couldn't find an email address attached so I a hoping you will get this. :)

you have my newest ePattern! I would love to send it your way!

please email me! thanks!!!

Paige said...

I think it came out super cute! I just purchased this pattern and have made a muslin practice, and am working on another practice right now trying out the pleats. By sewing them down several inches, do you mean you just stitched down the sides of the pleats?

Paige D. said...

how did you do the top band? i am so confused.. my neighbors a seamstress but she can always help me, and i have no idea how to do just that one part. if you are confused on what im talking about its step 5 or 6 on the pattern instructions for the dress.

- Paige

Steph said...

Hey Paige, I would love to help you with the construction if I can. I'm not quite sure what part of the top band is giving you trouble. If you'd like, you can email me..

steph6467 @ q . com