Tuesday, August 10, 2010

He loves NY

I've been feeling very non productive lately. I haven't added a single item to the online boutique that I sew for in a month.

I blame blog reading.

Not for the time it takes away from being productive, but for making me feel that in comparison to all the other sewing mamas in the world, I get nothing done.

I wonder if they have nannies. Or if their houses smell bad.

I like to imagine that wildly creative and productive people have tragic hidden flaws. Rats live in their bathtubs and their children have to forage for lunch betwixt the couch cushions.

Then I feel better about myself because I'm small like that.

I'm mostly kidding.

I decided to forgo sleep last night and sew a shirt for my son. He says I ONLY sew for his sister. And she is the ONLY one who is photographed. And I NEVER put him on my blog.


(except for today)

I used the CarlaC All-the-Rage Raglan pattern which can be downloaded from YouCanMakeThis.com. It's a fabulous basic raglan tee pattern with lots of variations for both boys and girls. And it's extra great if you don't have much experience sewing knits since it includes detailed photos, instructions, and construction tips. I highly recommend.

At least I can cross "alleviate mommy guilt" off my list today.

Now, off to chase the rats out of my bathtubs.


Jenn said...

Coolest t-shirt ever!

Baby Mama said...

Cool shirt! Now his dad is gonna want one!