Saturday, August 21, 2010


Meet my new baby Ryan!

Actually he's not my baby in the "has-my-last-name" sense,
and I have to give him back each night at 6 pm,
but I do love him so.

He is also a bona fide miracle. You see, he tried to make his entrance into this world at 22 weeks gestation. But thanks to some modern medical magic, lots of sincere prayer, and his mama parking it on the couch for 4 months (when she wasn't parked nearly upside down in the hospital, that is), he made it! You can meet his family at The Bedrest Bugle.

So anyway...

The theme at Necessitae this week is "Back to Old School".

I sewed some rompers. Love them!

Conveniently, I just happen to have this delicious one year old model in-house for the month of August.

Oh the feet. The FEET!

I know the baby totally steals the post, but I made a girly romper too.

I was tempted to put a bow in Ryan's hair and have him model in baby drag.

Lucky for him, it was nap time.

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Meghan said...

What a GORGEOUS baby model! ( :

Love LOVE LoVe the one of him looking down at the apple.

Now that you've steered peeps to my blog, I suppose I should update. ( :