Sunday, October 31, 2010


Remind me next year how vehemently the children resist photo ops ten minutes before Trick-r-Treating.

"Because EVERYone is LEAVING!


I'm going to miss EVERYTHING!"

A highly resistant Alice. Note the tatoos.

A resistant Ewok. Not a bear.

A slightly less resistant Warewolf. [SIC] Warewolf is a character William imagined and has been drawing since Kindergarten. He designed the costume himself. It was a mom/son Project Runway moment. Love.

Least resistant child, correlated by age, Voldemort

I haven't dressed up in several decades..

I had to add the white skirt to make this costume legal in Utah.

The wolf stopped by as well.

With the exception of the Voldemort robe and the added-for-decency white skirt, everything was sewn by moi. It only took 31 days or so.

No sweat.


Jenn said...

Everyone looks fantastic! I think Red Riding Hood with the wolf is my favorite though...

Meghan said...

Wonderful. Especially love WW!