Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New Sewing Room!

My sewing room migrated from our fifth bedroom (each kid has his or her own room now, hurray!) to our front room.

This was Shawn's idea, but I was concerned that it needed to look nice since this is the first room you see upon entering our home.

We bought two cabinets from Ikea to organize my notions and fabrics. Unfortunately, we would have needed about 5 more to completely contain my fabric. The vast majority now lives in the basement and I'm on a major fabric diet!


I found that ironing board at a garage sale. I spray painted it red (it was a horribly rusted yellow), added new "feet" (pvc pipe caps from Home Depot), and recovered it. I LOVE it!

I also made those pillowcases from scraps and linen. The pillow forms are goose feather and also from IKEA. They are squishy and wonderful.


Here's a pic of the inside of the cabinets. My cutting table sits in between.


I adore my new sewing room! I love that it's on the main floor, with the kitchen just around the corner.

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